Help Seminary

Please, help the Seminary
Nuestra Señora del Sagrado Corazón Lima-Peru

How to build a Help Box  

Step 1:
Take a little (or not so litte) carton box in order to give it a nobler destination than recycling .
Step 2:
Close the box with glue or some such.
Step 3:
In the side of the box with the help of scissors, make an incission, a little opening.
Step 4:
Now rest  a moment and observe not without pride your handiwork.  
Step 5:
Next we write above the opening: "Para el Seminario=For the Seminary" establishing this way its purpose.
Step 6:
We want to specify further the purpose of the "Help-Box". That's why we write under the opening with bold letters "Por las Vocaciones = For Vocations" because we want to contribute in order to augment the numbre of well-instructed Missionaries who announce the Love of God incarnated in a human Heart. The beste place for the box  is beside  the TV-set.

Even the youngsters of the family can deposit those "annoying" coins that deform their clothes. It's not necesarry that they tithe.




Step 7:
Ready! Every time you view TV, you deposit a coin in the "Help-Box" in order to help the formation of an increasing number of those who preach the Good News that Christ is the Saviour. At the end of the month securely and easily  you deposit the produce of your viewing generosity in your bank-account together perhaps  with a "Bonus". Let's see: a coin every time you switch on the TV, that's ... times a day, seven days a week and four weeks a month, that will be... Extend a cheque to "Missionaries of the Sacred Heart" and, indicating that it is for the Seminary in Peru, mail it to:

Finance Office
P. O. Box 270
Aurora, IL  60507

If you include name and address they will send you a letter for taxes.





Adaptiert von M Schwarz-