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MSC en el Perú

The Missionaries of
the Sacred Heart
carry on the mission
of our Founder,
Father Jules Chevalier
announcing the love
of God incarnate in the
Sacred Heart
Together with all
the MSC in the
entire world
we want to tell you
where to find
real happiness

at your service

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Letter from the Rector of our MSC Seminary in Lima - Peru 2006

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    My  name is Father Paulino Rodríguez MSC. Since 2005 I'm responsible for the formation of the young men who are preparing themselves in the Seminary "Our Lady of the Sacred Heart" Lima / Peru to serve the Lord and his Church as Missioneries of the Sacred Heart. Actually we have 15 seminarians in the different moments of formation and study (Philosophy and Theology). Additionally there are 5 young men preparing themselves at the Aspirantado in Trujillo (northern Peru) to enter next year our seminary. 

      They are happy and show much enthusiasm  to live religious life. They want to follow the call of the Lord in order to continue his work. We are very happy too because our people need direly priests and religious for the new evangelisation. We, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, present our invitation to many youngsters, to follow this way of Christ. It is worth it to live this adventure. Now, as you know, priests and religious men aren't something that pertains to the past. We ourselves can give witness that is is wonderful to follow Christi. We live happily our mission and share our lives with all people. 

      We ask you to pray for aus so that the Sacred Heart may awake in many heart the desire and the decision to follow him as Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Now I would like to direct you attention to another aspect: The formation and the academic education of the seminarians has its necessary finantial requirements. Man lives from bread too and needs many other things. Every seminarian requieres the expenditure of  350.- Dollars a month. During the past many benefactors from Germany have helped us. But this has diminished very much.  In Peru we organize several activities in order to get help. We present you a very special organisation "Corazón Misionero"  that is helping us very much. Please contact them. There are benefectors in Peru too, the seminarians help and their families -many live in poverty- help with money and victuals. 

       We thank you heartilly if you decide to help us regarding the formation and academic education of future priests. Please help us, it is worth it. The Lord will bless you hundertfold and we will remember you forever in our prayers.   

P. Paulino Rodríguez Vásquez MSC

Rector of the Seminary

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